OC1 Motorcycle and Bike Cleaning Products

OC1 Motorcycle and Bike Cleaning Products


    Motorcycle Wash, Protect, & Lube

    Motorcycle wash, protect and lube products from OC1 are solutions specifically designed for motorcycles and motocross.

    Taking good care of your vehicle is important if you want it to last a long time. OC1 Spray Cleaner for Motorcycle is easy to use and will remove mud, grime, and oily dirt instantly.

    One essential aspect of proper motorcycle maintenance is regularly lubricating the chain. You should do this every 640-800 kilometers or more frequently if you live in a dusty environment.

    OC1 Exhaust Cleaner - The Preferred Choice for Moto Riders

    OC1 Exhaust Cleaner is the preferred choice for moto riders who demand the best in cleaning performance at an unbeatable price.

    Why to choose OC1 exhaust cleaner:

    • powerful cleaning for a fresh shine;
    • works on different exhaust materials;
    • boosts performance for a better ride;
    • simple application, quick results;
    • affordable quality, no compromises.

    OC1 Bike Cleaners for Bike Maintenance

    OC1 bike cleaners are premium bicycle cleaning products that work even under the most challenging conditions! 

    In 8Lines Shop, we offer a range of specialized cleaners, including a top-notch bike chain cleaner, high-quality bicycle chain lube, and a specially formulated shining spray for bikes.

    Basic Bike Care with OC1 Cleaning Products

    With basic bike care your bike can become a reliable and stylish companion for all your adventures. OC1 offers the best bicycle cleaning products that can help you achieve this by keeping your bicycle in top condition.

    The basic care of a bike includes:

  • cleaning and lubricating it;
  • checking tyre pressure;
  • ensuring proper functioning of brakes.

  • We would like to share some tips to give the best bike maintenance:

    Best Way to Clean Bicycle Rims

    To clean your bicycle rims effectively, follow these two simple steps: 

    1. Apply a mild degreaser or wheel cleaner to the rim and gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly. 
    2. Use OC1 Bike Polish and Protection spray. This will ensure a visually appealing finish while also maintaining the long-term health of your rims.

    How to Clean a Rusty Bicycle Chain

    OC1's advanced bike chain cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner that removes rust and protects your chain, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ride.

    Chain Wax VS Lube

    Choose between chain wax and lube based on riding conditions, maintenance, and personal preference. They serve the same purpose but differ in formulation and application.

    Choosing the Right One:

    • For Longevity and Cleaner Chains, choose chain wax.
    • For Versatility and Easy Application, choose chain lube.

    Get the Best Motorcycle and Bike Cleaning Products from OC1 at 8Lines Shop Today!