SPY Optic Slēpošanas Ķiveres

    SPY Optic Snow Helmet for Everyone

    SPY Optic stylish and durable snow helmets are the ultimate choice for your winter sports adventures. Designed for everyone, these helmets are suitable for men, women, kids, and adults. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this helmet will provide you with the protection and comfort you need on the slopes.

    In addition to protection, SPY snow helmets come in a range of colors and designs to choose from, including snowboard helmets in black, orange, and pink.

    Do you need a snow helmet?

    Yes, you need a snow helmet when snowboarding or skiing. Helmets are crucial in protecting against skull fractures and other severe head injuries. Additionally, helmets have a soft and comfortable interior that keeps your head warm in cold weather.

    What is the difference between a ski and snowboard helmet?

    There is no difference between a ski and a snowboard helmet. Ski and snowboard helmets serve the same purpose of protecting the head from injury while participating in winter sports and are suitable for both skiers and snowboarders. 

    What should you wear under the snowboarding helmet?

    ​​If you plan to buy a snow helmet, it's preferred to wear something underneath. For example, a thin beanie without a bobble will fit comfortably under the helmet. Snow goggles are also recommended to be worn to safeguard your eyes from UV rays and from snow getting in your eyes. 

    Main Benefits of SPY Snow Helmets

    • Combine with any snow goggles

    SPY snow helmets are equipped with pure essentials and are built to fit seamlessly with any snow goggles.

    • Impact resistance and MIPS brain protection

    SPY Optic snow helmets are equipped with a durable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell and are outfitted with the MIPS brain protection system. ABS is the most common technology to make solid helmets and is highly impact resistant.

    • Lightweight and comfortable snow helmet

    SPY snow helmets are lightweight and comfortable and fit your head perfectly without being too tight, thanks to advanced ABS technology.

    • Ventilation and breathability

    SPY snow helmets are breathable and come with two removable, washable earpads. The Active Venting System is designed to change the level of airflow and expel heat with one touch, even with gloves on.

    • High-quality original SPY Optic snow helmets

    SPY is an industry-leading winter gear brand. SPY Optic snow helmets are safety-certified, made of the best materials, and designed to last. 

    • Best price for high-quality snow helmet

    These snow helmets are suitable for everyone. They are a combination of comfort, style, and durability. These helmets offer winter sports enthusiasts good protection at a competitive price.

    • Audio compatibility

    SPY helmets come with removable audio-compatible earpads so you can enjoy your favorite music even on the slopes.

    SPY snow helmets with MIPS brain protection

    All our SPY snow helmets are equipped with special MIPS brain protection technology that reduces the risk of head injury in the event of a crash. Below, you'll find answers to some common questions about MIPS.

    What is MIPS brain protection?

    The MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a technology that adds protection against rotational motion transferred to the brain, which is the leading cause of minor and severe brain injuries.

    What is MIPS in a snow helmet?

    MIPS technology in a snow helmet can considerably reduce the rotational force by redirecting energies and forces, like impact forces, otherwise transferred to the brain in the event of a fall.

    Should I buy a ski helmet with MIPS?

    Yes! Compared to traditional ski helmets, MIPS ski helmets offer additional protection against head injuries.

    What does MIPS mean on a ski helmet?

    If the helmet has MIPS brain protection, it's usually indicated by a yellow sticker on a helmet.

    Are MIPS snow helmets really better?

    Snow helmets with MIPS safety systems are proven to reduce head injuries risk, making them more secure than regular snow helmets.

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