SPY Optic Snow Goggles

    SPY Optic Ski and Snowboard Goggles for Everyone

    Introducing SPY Optic ski and snowboard goggles! With a variety of frame colors and lenses, these snow goggles will be a perfect choice for men, women, youth, and kids, no matter the ski level or style. 

    SPY Optic snow goggles are a top-quality choice for skiing and snowboarding, featuring cutting-edge Happy Lens technology that always ensures crystal-clear vision in even the most challenging conditions. 

    Are Snow Goggles Necessary?

    Yes, snow goggles are necessary for anyone who plans to spend time on the mountain skiing or snowboarding. Snow goggles protect your eyes from wind, snow or ice shards getting into your eyes, as well as harmful UV rays. In addition, they also provide crucial visibility and clarity while you're out on the slopes or snowboard.

    Is There a Difference Between Snowboard and Ski Goggles?

    There is no difference between snowboard and ski goggles, and all goggles can be used for both skiing and snowboarding.

    Why Should You Choose SPY Optic Snow Goggles?

    Picking the right type of snow goggles is a critical decision for any winter sports enthusiast. Some factors to consider when choosing the right snow goggles include lens type, fit, anti-fog and ventilation, UV protection, and comfort. 

    Below are the top reasons why you should choose SPY Optic snow goggles. 

    • Goes with any snow helmet

    All SPY snow goggles are fully helmet compatible, minimizing the space between the eye and head protection.

    • UV protection

    All SPY snowboard goggles boast 100% UV protection to shield your eyes against harmful high-altitude sun rays. Made from premium materials, the low-profile lens delivers crystal clear, distortion-free optics. For snow goggles to be suitable for all weather and light conditions, lenses do not come with polarization. Polarization is usually for sunglasses. 

    • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating

    An extra-strength coating inside the lens absorbs moisture immediately and provides additional protection so you can enjoy clear lenses all day.

    • Variety of frame sizes

    SPY snow goggles come in different frame sizes to accommodate different face shapes and sizes and ensure your field of view is big enough. For example, the SPY Marauder Elite has a slightly larger fit and a slightly different lens shape than SPY Marauder

    • Magnetic and changeable lenses

    Many of the SPY models come with interchangeable lenses, which allow you to easily swap out lenses depending on the light condition. 

    For example, SPY Marauder and SPY Marauder Elite are equipped with Deadbolt’s magnetic system for a fast and easy lens swap. SPY Legacy and SPY Legacy SE feature a special fingerprint-free Lock Steady 2 system that lets you change lenses in one touch with the slide of a lever. 

    SPY snow goggles for kids, like SPY Cadet and SPY Crusher Elite Jr, allow you to easily replace the lens by gently pressing the lens into place along the edges of the frame until you hear a click. 

    • Wide choice of colorful snow goggles

    SPY Optic snow goggles come in a wide range of colors, like black, white, gray, blue, red, green, purple, and orange. Additionally, you'll find SPY snow goggles with colorful or patterned straps to add a unique touch to your gear and suit your style. 

    • Premium strap for snow goggles

    SPY's premium silicone-lined strap prevents the goggle from slipping off your helmet or headgear. Adjust the strap on your goggles so that the frame sits comfortably on your nose and isn't pressed on your face too much. 

    • Bonus lens

    Selected SPY snow goggles for adults, such as SPY Marauder, SPY Marauder Elite, SPY Legacy, SPY Legacy SE, and SPY Woot, come with a bonus lens to provide flexibility and adaptability in any light conditions.  

    Please, refer to the product description to see if additional lenses are included.

    • Happy Lens Technology and Happy Boost Lenses

    Many SPY Optic snow goggles, like SPY Marauder and SPY Legacy, are equipped with Happy Lens or Happy Boost Lens technology. Being a premium patented technology, these lenses are scientifically proven to enhance color and contrast and boost mood and alertness, providing a supreme visual experience in any weather. 

    What is SPY Happy Boost Lens?

    SPY Happy Boost Lens is a revolutionary technology that includes built-in contrast-enhancing properties, scientifically proven to boost mood and alertness while skiing or snowboarding.

    While both the SPY Happy Lens and SPY Happy Boost Lens snow goggles are designed to provide superior optical clarity, eye protection, and mood-boosting benefits, SPY Happy Boost Lens offers an additional 30% color enhancement, in addition to all benefits of the Happy Lens.

    Are Spy Optic Happy Lenses Polarized?

    No, SPY Optic Happy Lenses are not polarized. This is because polarized lenses are generally not necessary or even suitable for certain skiing and snowboarding conditions. 

    For example, they may be less effective in overcast or low-light conditions, as they can make it harder to see subtle changes in terrain. The SPY Optic Happy Lens technology achieves maximum color and contrast while providing 100% UV protection without polarization.

    What Color Lens is Best for Snow?

    The best color lens for snow depends on the lighting and weather conditions. 

    Generally, darker lenses with strong mirrors will shield your eyes on days when the sun is bright. Mixed lenses are perfect for both sunny and cloudy days. Flat lenses are specifically tuned with maximum contrast for gray and gloomy days. 

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