Troy Lee Designs Youth Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Youth Gloves


    Troy Lee Designs Youth Gloves for Boys and Girls

    Troy Lee Designs youth gloves are the perfect choice for boys and girls passionate about cycling. These gloves provide young riders with protection, grip, and comfort.

    If your child loves biking, then you know how important it is to keep them safe. One way to do that is to make sure they wear the right gear, including cycling gloves. 

    Allow us to assist you in selecting the appropriate biking gloves for your kid!

    Youth Mountain Bike and BMX Gloves 

    Troy Lee Designs offers youth mountain bike gloves for multiple disciplines, including mountain biking, BMX, and dirt jumping, that provide protection and dexterity. 

    Choose between Troy Lee Designs Youth AIR Gloves and Troy Lee Designs Youth Gloves GP. The Air Gloves are designed for breathability in warm weather, while the GP Gloves are versatile for different riding scenarios.

    Kids Full Long-Finger Cycling Gloves

    Kids' full, long-finger cycling gloves provide enhanced protection and grip for different riding styles, including mountain biking, road cycling, and BMX.

    Opting for long-finger gloves offers several advantages:

    • they provide better protection against cuts, scrapes, and impacts. This is particularly important for young riders who are still developing their biking skills and may be more prone to accidents;
    • long finger gloves offer better insulation, keeping young hands warm during colder rides.

    Full long-finger cycling gloves are versatile and can be used in various riding conditions, while short-finger gloves are best in hot weather.

    How Do I Choose Cycling Gloves for My Child?

    When getting cycling gloves for your child, prioritize size and materials. Look for a snug fit and durable, breathable materials for comfort and protection. Gloves improve grip, prevent blisters, and calluses.

    Find the perfect Troy Lee youth gloves for maximum protection and style at 8Lines Shop!

    How Do You Choose the Right Size for Children's Bike Gloves?

    Choosing the right size gloves for your child is crucial for their comfort and performance on the bike.

    Here are some steps to help you measure your child's hand for accurate sizing:

    1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your child's hand just below the knuckles to measure the circumference.
    2. Check TLD's size chart for your child's glove size.
    3. When selecting the size of gloves, consider their intended use and fit preference (snug or slightly loose).

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