Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Gloves for Men and Women

Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Gloves for Men and Women


    Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Gloves for Adults

    Troy Lee Designs offers a variety of mountain bike gloves for men and women. These gloves are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL, making them suitable for larger hands. They are perfect for BMX, Enduro, or downhill cycling activities.

    Regarding Troy Lee Designs gloves, riders are spoilt for choice with collections like Troy Lee Air Gloves, TLD GP Gloves, and Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Gloves

    Let's compare the differences and purposes of these collections to help you choose the right one for your biking needs.

    Choosing the Right Gloves for Your Riding Style

    Trailblazing Comfort: Troy Lee Air Gloves

    Air Gloves are perfect for warm-weather rides. Lightweight and well-ventilated, suitable for cross-country, trail riding, or any situation where cool hands are essential.

    Main Features:

    • Lightweight construction: designed for minimal weight and maximum ventilation.
    • Mesh fabric: enhanced breathability to keep hands cool during warm conditions.
    • Perforated palm: improves airflow and provides additional ventilation.
    • Velcro closure: offers a secure and adjustable fit.

    Precision on the Track: TLD GP Gloves

    The GP Gloves are designed to provide bikers with a comfortable and durable riding experience across disciplines such as motocross, enduro, BMX, and MTB. These gloves are handy for riders who deal with more challenging terrains.

    Main Features:

    • Durable construction: designed for longevity and abrasion resistance.
    • Clarino synthetic leather palm: provides a good grip and tactile feel.
    • Light padding: offers some impact protection without sacrificing flexibility.
    • Velcro closure: allows for a secure and customizable fit.

    Versatility in Performance: Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Gloves

    Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Gloves are the perfect blend of comfort and protection, making them ideal for any rider, whether commuting through the city or hitting the trails. 

    Main Features:

    • Lightweight materials: designed for a minimal and comfortable feel.
    • Touchscreen compatibility: allows the use of touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.
    • Silicone print on fingertips: enhances grip on brake levers and shifters.
    • Perforated palm and mesh backhand: Promotes breathability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Determine the Right Size of TLD Gloves For Me?

    Refer to the size chart provided by Troy Lee Designs for accurate measurements. It ensures a perfect fit for enhanced comfort during your rides.

    Are TLD Gloves Machines Washable?

    Most Troy Lee Designs gloves are machine washable. However, it's advisable to check the care instructions specific to the model you own.

    Are Troy Lee Designs Gloves Suitable for Beginners?

    Absolutely! Troy Lee Designs offers gloves catering to riders of all skill levels, ensuring comfort and protection for beginners and experienced riders.