Troy Lee Designs Open-Face Helmets

Troy Lee Designs Open-Face Helmets


    Best Trail Riding Helmets from Troy Lee Designs (TLD)

    Troy Lee Designs open-face helmets for trail riding offer premium quality. TLD open-face helmets have many features that will make your bike ride more secure and enjoyable:

    • lightweight and ultra-durable construction that ensures maximum protection;
    • advanced ventilation systems that keep you cool;
    • MIPS protection;
    • customizable fit and comfort can be adjusted to suit individual head shapes and sizes.

    If you're looking for a helmet that's both stylish and safe, Troy Lee helmets are the best choice. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit. TLD white open-face helmet is one of our client's favorites - get yours today!

    Are Open-Face Helmets Safe? 

    If you wear an open-face helmet while cycling or on a trail ride, it will provide head protection. TLD helmets are an affordable and safe option.

    For more extreme bike riding, such as BMX or downhill, open-face helmets offer less protection than full-face helmets, which many experts recommend for high-speed or off-road riding.

    Road Cycling Helmets with MIPS

    Open-face helmets with MIPS are one of the top choices for road cycling. TLD's open-face bicycle helmets are equipped with advanced MIPS technology that provides superior protection against impacts from any direction.

    Discover the range of Troy Lee Designs trail-riding helmets at 8Lines Shop. The best open-face MTB helmets with MIPS protection!

    • The TLD A3 MIPS helmet is the next evolution in mountain bike helmets, following the successful A1 and A2. This premium helmet sets a new standard in terms of safety and comfort. 
    • The TLD Flowline helmet features a lightweight and breathable construction, allowing riders to maintain optimal comfort and flexibility during intense rides. 

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