BMX Race Tyres

BMX Race Tyres


    Conquer the Track: Choosing the Right BMX Race Tires

    In the heart-pounding world of BMX racing, every split second counts. The right tires can be the difference between dominating the straightaway and getting edged out at the finish line. But with a variety of options available, how do you pick the perfect BMX race tires for your riding style and track conditions?

    Grip Like Glue:

    Traction is king on the BMX track. Look for tires with a minimal tread pattern, often called "slicks." These minimize rolling resistance for maximum speed while maintaining grip through corners. Some tires may have a slight micro-knurling or shallow grooves for improved control in wet conditions.

    Casing Considerations:

    The casing, or body of the tire, plays a crucial role in weight, pressure, and durability. A higher thread count (TPI) casing is lighter and more supple, offering better feel for the track. However, lower TPI casings are more robust and can withstand the abuse of hard racing. Consider a balance between weight and durability based on your racing style and experience.

    Folding vs. Wire Bead:

    Folding bead tires are lighter and easier to transport, but wire bead tires are more affordable and often more durable. If you're a serious racer prioritizing every ounce, folding beads might be the way to go. For casual racers or those on a tighter budget, wire bead tires offer excellent performance without breaking the bank.

    Finding the Perfect Fit:

    BMX race tires typically come in 20-inch and 24-inch sizes. Within these sizes, there are variations in width. Wider tires offer more grip but can also add weight and rolling resistance. A good starting point is a 1-1/8 inch or 1-3/8 inch wide tire for most tracks.

    Conquering the Competition:

    By understanding the key factors of tread pattern, casing, bead type, and size, you can select the ideal BMX race tire to propel you to victory. So, hit the track with confidence, knowing you've got the perfect rubber beneath you.