SPY Optic Youth Snow Helmets

SPY Optic Youth Snow Helmets


    SPY Youth and Kids Snow Helmets

    SPY Optic youth snow helmets are one of the safest in the market and also the best ski helmets for kids. These small-sized snow helmets can be worn while skiing or snowboarding. 

    The Most Important Things to Look for When Buying a Kid's Snow Helmet?

    • Youth and kids snow helmet with MIPS brain protection

    Thanks to the MIPS brain protection system there is extra safety in case of an incident, for example, when your kid falls from the slopes while skiing.

    • Ideal-size snow helmets for kids

    SPY Optic has a wide choice of kids' ski helmets in small and medium sizes.

    • High durability

    Thanks to ABS any SPY's youth snow helmet ensures impact resistance and protection in case of fall during extreme activities.

    • Lightweight and comfortable youth snow helmets

    Not only does SPY's youth snow helmets have high-quality, comfort and safety system but also these helmets have very neat design and style. Any kids' ski helmet can be matched with any kids' snow goggles!

    These helmets are available in different colors–neon, pink, black, grey and many more.

    Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Kids and Youth

    SPY Optic has one the biggest variety of ski and snowboard helmets for kids and youth. 

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    If you cannot decide which helmet is the most suitable, feel free to contact us and we will help you!