SPY Optic Adult Snow Helmets

SPY Optic Adult Snow Helmets


    SPY Optic Snow Helmets for Men and Women

    Should Adults Wear Snow Helmets?

    Even though you are an adult you should consider wearing a snow helmet while skiing or snowboarding. All SPY Optic adult snow helmets have MIPS brain protection that will protect your head in case of an incident while enjoying your favourite winter sport.

    Best Adult Snowboard and Ski Helmets from SPY Optics

    SPY Optic's brand is one of the best available in the market in terms of adult snow helmets. Why?!

    • Wide choice of color

    In our 8Lines Shop, you will find snow helmets in different colors, starting from black to red, and many more. 

    • Ideal adult snow helmets in large and medium sizes

    Wide choice of women's snowboard helmets that are also suitable for any other individual.

    • Extra secure thanks to MIPS

    MIPS is a brain protection system that provides extra safety to adult snow helmets in case of a crash. MIPS is attached inside the snow helmet, between the comfort padding and the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene - thermoplastic foam material)

    • Lightweight, stylish adult snow helmets

    Do Snow Helmets Differentiate Between Men and Women?

    SPY Optic snow helmets don't differ whether you are a man or a woman because they are suitable for all adults. Since adult snow helmets are available in many sizes and colors each individual can decide which snow helmet fits the best based on their preferences.

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