Troy Lee Designs Full Face Helmets for BMX, MTB, DH

Troy Lee Designs Full Face Helmets for BMX, MTB, DH


    Full Face Downhill, MTB Helmets from Troy Lee Designs (TLD)

    Troy Lee Designs has a fantastic range of full-face downhill, mountain biking and BMX helmets designed to cater to your needs.

    These helmets come in different sizes, weights, designs, and prices, ensuring you get the perfect fit and style you desire. With Troy Lee Designs, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality helmets that offer maximum protection and comfort. 

    Let’s take a look at the best TLD BMX helmets available at 8Lines Shop!

    TLD D3 Fiberlite

    TLD D3 Fiberlite is an affordable downhill helmet with leading technology. The fiberglass option is cheaper than D4 carbon while offering similar features.

    TLD D4 Carbon MIPS

    The TLD D4 Carbon MIPS full-face helmet is a top choice for professional downhill riders due to its exceptional protection and safety features.

    TLD D4 Composite MIPS

    The TLD D4 Composite MIPS boasts an intelligently designed ventilation system that ensures optimal airflow, effectively regulating heat and moisture for a comfortable and dry riding experience.

    TLD Stage MIPS

    The Stage Helmet is an excellent choice for all-mountain and enduro riders, providing superior protection and ventilation. It is also one of the lightest full-face helmets available.

    Coming Soon

    Troy Lee Design D4 Polyacrylate full face bike helmets are going to be available soon at 8Lines Shop!

    Best Full-Face Downhill Helmet for Hot Weather - Troy Lee Stage

    Most Lightweight full-face mountain bike and downhill helmet!

    The Troy Lee Designs Stage helmet is perfect for BMX, MTB, or downhill riding in hot weather. It's lightweight with many vents, including around the chin bar, so that you won't overheat on challenging climbs.

    One of the lightest full-face helmets for MTB, BMX, DH and Enduro from Troy Lee Designs! Purchase now at 8Lines Shop! 

    MIPS Bike Helmets for Adults

    MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) represents an essential feature in modern bike helmets for adults, especially in the realm of full-face BMX race helmets and impact helmets. 

    Wearing a MIPS full-face bike helmet can significantly reduce the risk and severity of brain injuries in the event of an accident or impact.