Shimano Mountain Bike Adult Clipless Shoes

    Shimano SH-XC902 S-Phyre:

    • The Pinnacle of XC Performance: Designed for elite-level racers who demand the absolute best.
    • Key Features:
      • Ultralight carbon composite sole for maximum stiffness and power transfer.
      • Dual BOA Li2 dials for precise micro-adjustments and a secure fit.
      • Shimano Ultread XC rubber outsole for superior grip and durability.
      • Supple synthetic leather upper with strategically placed mesh for breathability.
      • Dynalast technology for a smoother, more efficient pedaling motion.

    Shimano SH-XC702:

    • Race-Ready Performance with S-Phyre DNA: A more accessible option that still delivers exceptional performance.
    • Key Features:
      • Lightweight carbon composite sole for a balance of stiffness and comfort.
      • BOA L6 dial for quick and precise adjustments.
      • Shimano Ultread XC rubber outsole with strategically placed lugs for excellent grip.
      • Surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap and improves fit.
      • Rider-tunable spikes for customizable traction.

    Shimano SH-XC502:

    • Versatile Performance for Trail and XC: A great all-around shoe for a wide range of riders.
    • Key Features:
      • Stiff and lightweight reinforced nylon sole for efficient power transfer.
      • BOA L6 dial combined with a Velcro strap for a secure and customizable fit.
      • Shimano Ultread XC rubber outsole for reliable grip and traction.
      • Durable synthetic leather upper with mesh panels for breathability and comfort.


    All three models share Shimano's commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. The choice between them comes down to your specific needs and budget:

    • XC902: For the most demanding racers seeking ultimate performance.
    • XC702: A great balance of performance and value for serious riders.
    • XC502: A versatile and comfortable option for a wide range of riders and budgets.