Troy Lee Designs Gloves


    Troy Lee Designs Gloves For Men, Women and Youth

    Troy Lee Designs offers a variety of mountain bike gloves in different styles and sizes for men, women, and youth—a vast range of gloves to cater to every rider's needs.

    Whether you are a mountain biker, BMX rider, or involved in any other cycling discipline, TLD gloves offer the required protection, comfort, and performance. 

    At 8Lines Shop, you can find other Troy Lee Designs riding gear like full-face and open-face helmets, TLD body protection and other clothes to make your bike riding more comfortable.

    Troy Lee Designs Gloves for MTB and BMX

    Troy Lee Designs gloves for MTB and BMX are designed for riders, focusing on grip and protection. These gloves feature unique design elements that enhance grip and provide additional padding for protection.

    TLD BMX gloves offer excellent grip and come with additional padding in critical areas such as the palm and knuckles, providing enhanced protection during falls or impacts.

    Lightweight and Breathable - Troy Lee Designs Air Bike Gloves

    Experience maximum protection and airflow with the Troy Lee Designs Air Bike gloves, perfect for avid riders.

    The TLD Air Bike gloves are constructed with breathable materials for optimal airflow. This helps to prevent:

    • excessive sweating;
    • keeps your hands cool and dry during long rides. 

    The enhanced breathability of these gloves ensures that riders can maintain a firm grip on the handlebars without any discomfort or slippage.

    TLD Air Bike gloves are breathable but not durable in high-impact situations. If breathability is a top priority, they are a good choice.

    TLD Gloves for Every Season

    Explore the adaptability of Troy Lee Designs gloves across seasons. From summer rides to winter adventures, these gloves are crafted to ensure your hands stay comfortable in any weather.