G-Form Youth Protective Gear for BMX, MTB and Football

G-Form Youth Protective Gear for BMX, MTB and Football


    Elbow Guards and Knee Pads for Youth

    Elbow guards and knee pads for youth will secure your child during extreme bike rides. Wearing elbow and knee protective gear has been proven to reduce the severity of injuries by up to 85%. 

    G-Form provides a range of lightweight, protective gear for BMX and MTB riders. You can find Knee Pads Pro-X3, Youth Knee-Shin Guards, Pro Rugged 2 Knee-Shin Guards with adjustable fit-straps for customized comfort, and G-Form Pro-X3 Elbow Pads.

    How to Wear Elbow Guards? 

    To wear elbow guards, first, slip them over your elbows and fasten any straps or closures to ensure a snug fit that will keep the guards in place during physical activity.

    G-Form elbow guards with SmartFlex® technology offer excellent protection, comfort, and flexibility - perfect for athletes!

    Protective Football Gear for Youth 

    G-Form football protective gear for youth is the top choice for young athletes due to its innovative design and superior protection. Football, aka soccer shin guards, protect against accidental kicks and tackles, reducing the risk of painful bruises and abrasions. 

    At 8Lines Shop, you will find G-Form Youth Pro-S Soccer Shin Guards in black, white, pink, blue, and mint. 

    BMX and Skateboard Protective Gear for Youth

    G-Form protective gear is an excellent choice for BMX, MTB, and skateboarding. Knee and elbow guards can reduce the risk of severe trauma by up to 90%. 

    Upper and lower body protection such as G-Form Youth Pro-X3 Impact Shirts and Youth Padded Shorts are as crucial as knee guards for safe driving.

    Shop at 8Lines and get maximum protection for young MTB, BMX and Football athletes!