SPY Marauder Snow Goggles

SPY Marauder Snow Goggles


    SPY Optic Marauder Snow Goggles

    SPY Optic Marauder snow goggles are an ideal choice for any winter sports enthusiast. SPY goggles are designed to give you the ultimate visibility and style on the slopes. 

    SPY Marauder goggles boast 100% UV protection, a frameless design, and durable polyurethane construction for maximum comfort in the mountains. They are perfectly compatible with any snow helmet and come with a free premium bonus lens to cover you in any weather conditions. 

    At 8Lines Shop, you'll find the widest selection of SPY snowboard goggles with various designs and colors to best fit your style and needs. Some SPY goggles are designed in collaboration with famous athletes like Chris Rasman, Zak Hale, and Phil Casabon. 

    Are SPY Marauder Goggles Good?

    The Spy Marauder goggles are the best choice for snowboarders looking for frameless cylindrical goggles. The oversized design gives you optimal peripheral vision clarity, anti-fog coverage, an easily swappable bonus lens, and includes subtle notches to fit over prescription glasses. 

    Adjustable stretch webbing strap ensures a secure fit while protecting you from sweat thanks to a face foam constructed of three different densities of material.

    SPY Marauder Snow Goggles Features 

    SPY Optic Happy Lens Technology

    Happy Lens™ technology enhances colors and improves mood and alertness, providing a supreme visual experience. Moreover, custom-built, durable lenses boast an anti-scratch coating to protect your eyes.

    SPY Optic Happy Boost Lens

    SPY Optic Happy Boost™ lens is a revolutionary technology scientifically proven to boost mood and alertness while optimizing colors and contrasts. The patented Happy Boost™ lens provides all the benefits of the standard Happy Lens plus a 30% color enhancement beyond the naked eye, which delivers an optimum white balance without sacrificing colors. 

    In addition, the Happy Boost™ lens is enhanced with ARC® anti-fog and anti-scratch properties to keep your goggles clear in any weather conditions.

    Magnetic Lens Goggles

    SPY's magnetic lens ski goggles allow you to quickly swap the lens with an easily interchangeable system. Its easy-to-use design makes it an ideal choice for those on the go. 

    How does a magnetic lens work?

    SPY's Deadbolt’s magnetic system securely guides the lens into place while the locking levers bolt it down. 

    Frameless Snow Goggles

    SPY's frameless snow goggles' design delivers supreme peripheral optical clarity and maximum venting power, so you're always safe in the mountains.

    Easy Changeable Bonus Lens

    SPY Marauder snow goggles come with a free premium bonus lens compatible with any SPY Marauder goggle frames. Easily changeable bonus lenses come in different colors, including blue lens ski goggles, black lens ski or snowboard goggles, and many others.

    SPY Marauder vs Marauder Elite

    Unlike the standard SPY Marauder, which features a flat-shaped cylindrical lens, SPY Marauder Elite has a slightly curved Toric dual lens. While both lenses are designed for optimal vision clarity, the SPY Marauder Elite delivers crystal clear distortion-free optics.