SPY Optic Legacy Snow Goggles

SPY Optic Legacy Snow Goggles


    SPY Legacy Ski and Snowboard Goggles

    The SPY Legacy ski and snowboard goggles are an excellent choice for men and women looking for a high-quality, durable, and comfortable pair of snow goggles with advanced lens technology.

    The SPY Legacy snow goggles are designed to provide clear and wide vision while protecting the eyes from snow glare, wind, and other elements typically encountered during skiing and snowboarding.

    SPY Legacy Snow Goggles Features

    • Superior comfort and protection

    The SPY Legacy snow goggles are packed with features to provide skiers and snowboarders superior comfort and protection on the mountain. 

    • HAPPY™ lens technology & 100% UV protection

    SPY's famous HAPPY™ lens technology will enhance color contrast and clarity while blocking harmful UV rays, helping reduce eye fatigue and overall vision on the slopes. 

    • Spherical Lens to provide a wide field of vision

    In addition, the SPY Legacy goggles lenses have a spherical lens that provides a wide field of vision and advanced anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. 

    • Easily changeable replacement lens

    The SPY Legacy goggles also come with an additional replacement lens, making them an all-rounder for any weather conditions.

    • Comfortable and secure fit on the face

    The triple-layer face foam and a quick-change lens system make these snow goggles fit comfortably and securely on the face.

    Does SPY Legacy differ from SPY Legacy SE Snow Goggles?

    Yes, the SPY Legacy snow goggles offer a more oversized fit with interchangeable lenses that deliver an ultra-wide field of view, while the SPY Legacy SE offers a more compact style. 

    Which Helmet Fits Well with SPY Optic Legacy Snow Goggles?

    SPY Optic Legacy snow goggles fit perfectly with any snow helmet. Because of their silicone-lined strap and improved fit, these goggles won't slip on your helmet or headgear while the eyes and head will stay fully protected.

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