SPY Optic Legacy SE Snow Goggles

SPY Optic Legacy SE Snow Goggles


    SPY Legacy SE Ski and Snowboard Goggles

    The SPY Legacy SE snow goggles are a perfect versatile option for a wide range of adult skiers and snowboarders. 

    With features like anti-fog technology, streamlined frame venting, and a wide field of vision, SPY Legacy SE goggles are particularly well-suited to men and women who want to experience ultimate comfort and style in their winter sports activities. 

    SPY Legacy SE Snow Goggles Features

    The SPY Legacy SE snow goggles are packed with top-class features to provide exceptional clarity and protection on the mountain.

    These snow goggles feature:

    • high-quality ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) spherical dual lens that reduces glare and reflections while offering the widest field of view.
    • SPY's signature HAPPY™ lens technology to achieve ultimate color and contrast, ensuring you can see everything on the mountain. 

    In addition, these snow goggles come with:

    • A free premium bonus lens.
    • Triple-layer face foam with moisture-wicking fleece.
    • Silicone-lined strap.
    • Anti-fog technology.
    • 100% UV protection.
    • Various frame, strap, and lens color options.
    • Compatibility with any snow helmet.

    SPY Legacy SE snow goggles are the perfect choice for anyone who demands the best performance and style.

    SPY Legacy vs Legacy SE

    The SPY Legacy SE goggles are a more compact version of the SPY Legacy goggles, with a slightly smaller frame and lens size for a more versatile fit. When it comes to performance, the SPY Legacy SE goggles offer the same benefits as the original SPY Legacy snow goggles, including low-profile spherical lenses, HAPPY™ lens technology, and a fingerprint-free quick-change lens system. 

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